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Only Ascent school shoes are packed with sports shoe technology to protect and support your child's development.

That's why Ascent are the only school shoes endorsed by over 30,000 medical professionals:

Endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA).
Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).


Trusted by over 200,000 Australian parents every year.

All SCHOOL shoes are not created equal

Compare the cheap construction other major brands use with Ascent's MULTI LAYER sports shoe technology.

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Ascent EndorsementAscent Endorsement
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Sports shoes in Disguise

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Amazing School Shoes

“It's the time of year for buying School shoes and I've had many friends new to school ask "Which School shoes do I get?" I've told them all "Ascents!!". Yes they are a little pricey however my 10 year old boy (who tends to be rough) wore them last year nearly every day and the grip is still near perfect and the cushioning still fine. They also feel like a sneaker on the inside so the kids find them super comfortable. We've just bought our second pair and if he hadn't needed to go up a size and a half we would have been able to re wear for sure. The also do half sizes and different widths, we went narrow due to a long skinny foot. Definitely value for money!”

- Kate, Victoria

Best School Shoes I have Ever Bought

“Can't recommend these shoes enough. I have two pre teen boys who play football before, during and after school. I have been buying the common brand school shoes and paying $100 a pair sometimes with a 25% discount. These shoes look good for half a year and the other half is a struggle to keep them looking respectable whilst at the same time stopping them from falling apart. No pair of shoes ever lasted more than the school year. I saw the Ascent shoes and took a gamble paying the full $100. Talk about tough. I now have a pair of school shoes that my kids grow out of. My youngest gets a scuffed pair of hand me downs that polish up nicely and his hand me downs are good enough to give away. I recently bought a pair myself as office work shoes. I have knee and ankle injuries after a lifetime of playing sport and have gotten use to paying $300+ shoes to try and avoid flaring these injuries. Well the $125 (on special) Ascents are just as good so happy days. I haven't written a product review before but when the product is this good I couldn't resist. What more can i say.”

- Jules

School shoe that lasts

“Bought the Ascent Apex black school shoe last year for my year 7er Jan 2016. Lasted the whole year.
Shoes were given a hard life: worn 4 days a week, soccer at lunchtime, on public transport & walk home. Shoes often covered in rain & mud but kept their shape (stuffed with paper to dry). The sole did start to come away slightly by December, but was still quite wearable. Year 7er says they were comfortable as school shoes & also as sport shoe when runners forgotten - even on cross country day! Very happy with quality & durability. Have repurchased new size Jan 2017.”

- Mumcee, Victoria

Awesome customer service, delivery and shoes

“We just LOVE ascent footwear and dont wear anything else they are hard wearing, supportive, and made well.
My daughters school shoes and running shoes are only ever Ascent. Thank you for having the best customer service by far the best shoes and for making a shoe that I dont have to worry about I just know they are going to be good each and every time.”

- Jules

Excellent School Shoe

“I have purchased Ascent school shoes for the last 8 years and have never had to replace them throughout the year as they are so hard wearing. Never any issues with "wearing in" sores and have excellent support.”

- Emma

Highly Recommend

“Bought Apex senior for my son and they lasted 2 years ! His foot is very broad so the extra width options were perfect. Could have gone another 6 months but he needed to go up a size for this new school year . Out preformed Clarks for durability and way more comfortable than doc martens on his arch. Highly recommend!”

- Lee, Illawarra

Fantastic for little feet!

“I have my three children in Ascent school shoes and they have been fantastic! I bought my first pair 16 years ago when my oldest first went to school and all three kids get one new pair at the beginning of each year. Having such a well made supportive shoe is really important to me for my kids as they are in them five days a week all day. I've never had a problem and they last all year!”

- Rach, Wingen